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“We hired Cheech after we found a mural he did for Vespa in Fort Lauderdale. It was the end of 2021 and Formula 1 was coming to Miami for its debut in 2022. Being that we are car enthusiasts our minds went straight to making a mural commemorating the Formula 1 theme. We worked for hours with Cheech to go over the project. Background was important as we wanted the Miami skyline as well as key locations like bayside/south beach included. Another challenge was to get the curves on the corners to look correct and make the effect of cars coming towards you when you look from the front entrance. We worked with Cheech for about a month to complete the assignment and were fully satisfied to see the end product. We also added a garage with brick wall and a gas tank in our break room/kitchenette as an end bonus to our project. We plan on working again with Cheech in future projects.”

Federico Rojkes
Signature Auto Gallery



“I had the unique pleasure working with the artist known
as 'Ciccio.  He was precise and to the point, gave me exactly
what I asked for and more.”


Definitely an experience of a lifetime. Great working with you "Ciccio"

Carouso Italian Cafe



A dear friend commissioned my Ciccio. My first boxer, Libby, was a
beautiful girl. Our entire family adored her. When I hung the painting, it
dominated our family room. It is exquisite. There are many stories that
painting generated including proving a very famous person was at my
home, but that is another story.
By the way, my children and grandchildren always ask why nothing that
big and that beautiful about them, graces our walls!

Mary Repper


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